About me

WEB_katja, ze star_Croatia, europe, split, VacationMy name is Katja Rupp and amongst other things, I make pictures.

I have that autistic habit of shooting landscapes … Because the planet is so beautiful, being face to face with it is very special to me  …

For my personal balance, I also have that more social activity of shooting weddings, because love rules! 

Finally, I compose music (which you can listen to in the music blog section). … Oh… and i’m into Service Management as well …. that’s my more cartesian self :)

In short:

Age: constantly evolving
Style: undefined.
Education: depends on what.
Thoughts: sporadic.
water, grease, tissues of various natures; a few grey cells.
Favorite Dish: roasted duck

Favorite Quotations

If I ever die of a heart attack, I hope it will be from playing my stereo too loud. ~Anonymous

The chief enemy of creativity is common sense. Pablo Picasso

I like pictures so I make pictures. If you like them, it makes me even happier